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17 June 2012 @ 12:25 pm
I did the thing where you free-write while listening to songs just for how long the song is, prompted by the lyrics or whatever. I only did 4 songs because I got very, very tired. These take place in the world of my own story. None of this is technically canon; just good practice - I mean, some of the events happen this way, but they'll be written differently in canon for sure. Much, much differently. Still. Good practice. Very good practice. I will be doing this again.

(Song: "Tear in Your Hand" by Tori Amos)

"So... how is it that you've gone this long without knowing what you can do… what -we- can do, Nadine?"

"Jesus, fuck, Kelly, what have they done with you in those labs?"

Nadine Allegheny didn't want to admit that her friend was being extremely insightful right now. She was scared to death of it, actually, but she'd never put it into so many words. It somehow seemed better to try and laugh it off. Kelly was obviously frustrated, as bizarre and almost endearing it looked through the even more obvious haze of Psyche-Twin.

"Do I have to prove it to you, and say ‘I told you so’? I know you’d just love that, so here." Kelly thrusted a coin at Nadine. "Flip it ten times. Think of the same thing each time..."

Nadine stopped biting the side of her thumb long enough to nervously take the little silver coin into her hand, and she did as Kelly had instructed.

It landed on the same side each time.

(Song: Gyakujou Tan'nou Keloid Milk by Dir en grey)

Tabitha lay face up on the couch, squinting. “Can you get it dimmer in here, please? This light’s… it’s in my eyes.”

“No. Just… relax for a second. Your head’s getting infected. So’s your hand. I’m making something for it.”

Tabitha was wary of home remedies of any kind, and did Nadine know what she was doing? She’d never studied medicine; she’d been a humanities student when she’d been attending Salva. She was certain this was going to make things worse, but she wanted to believe in the younger woman. Still, her anxiety and skeptical nature got the better of her. “Can’t you get me real antibiotics?” The look Nadine shot Tabitha at that moment could have leveled cities. “This IS.” She grumbled. “Anyway, no. And, you of all people should know that. You just killed a guy. Come on.”

Tabitha sniffed the air. “Ugh, the hell… Are those onions?”

Nadine nodded. “They pull all the toxic shit out of your skin.”

Tabitha tilted her head, furrowing. “Really? Let’s see.”

Nadine grinned coldly. “Oh, you will.”

(Song: Northern Lad by Tori Amos)

Bridgit Halvorson was soaked to the skin, waiting for Tabitha and the others to come out with Elisabeth. She decided not to wait in the vehicle, figuring it would be easier to see what would be going on through the windows of the building if she could walk around. She bounced on her heels, trying to see in.

The blinds had been drawn. She was getting cold and wet for no reason, and now she couldn’t get back in the van because she didn’t want to get everything wet for Elisabeth, who would have to lie down in the back.

Bridgit clenched her fists and gave up trying to keep her face dry as she reluctantly allowed herself to think that Elisabeth damn well better appreciate her consideration.

(Song: Civilization by David Byrne)

Tabitha sat waiting for the former Salva Academy student she’d received the letter from. She wasn’t entirely sure she would show up at the meeting place that she had assigned herself, and she had made the necessary precautions in case the letter had been sent by a member of Salva staff under a false name.

The door of the restaurant opened, and somehow Tabitha knew immediately that it was the former student. She was an awkwardly tall, absent-minded-looking young woman with long, dark hair that she was wearing in a thick braid, and a sunny complexion. The absent-mindedness snapped away as she locked eyes with Tabitha. She stared directly at Tabitha with a look she surely intended as friendly, but just came off imposing. Her smile was more mischievous than inviting. Tabitha simply stared at her, expression unchanging. The other woman now looked like she felt extremely out of place, and her casual posture quickly became something defensive. Her expression became that of someone who was unsure what she had just gotten herself into.

Tabitha stood up and nodded toward the other woman. “Um… Are you… what was it again?” The woman cocked her head and glowered, crossing her arms. Tabitha pulled something out of her pocket and glanced at it quickly, hoping her activity wouldn’t be noticed. “Are you Nadine Allegheny?”

“Yeah. I am. Let’s get out of here.”

Usually, Tabitha would have declined a request like this, after putting forth effort to find an appropriate meeting place, but somehow, all the resistance in her had been evaporated by the former student’s… what was it? Energy?


This would eventually become the day on which Tabitha Morgenstern began to despise everything she had become, and favor everything the individual staring down at her was.

(this one ended up kind of long because wtf the song came right back on again after ending, and I did not know what to do. XD)