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we'll scare the skies with tiger's eyes

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Meggan Cheesebagel
26 April 1986
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Hi, I'm Megg. This journal contains my ramblings in various states of mind. Sometimes they are silly. Sometimes they are serious. 99.99% of the time, they should be taken with a grain of salt.

I love all kinds of music (seriously, my tastes range from soft progressive-pop type stuff to death metal to psychedelic rock to alt-country etc. etc.), I watch a lot of both Eastern and Western animation, I'm a huge food/drink snob, and I love to read anything I can get my hands on. I spend way too much time researching/reading/watching TV programs about really morbid things. I write stories, poetry, and music, and I play the piano. I love studying languages and linguistics. I have a very dark and surreal sense of humor, but I'm really a pretty gentle and laid back person.

I'm not picky about being friended. Just don't be a Russian robot, please.
a perfect circle, abandoned places, ace attorney, adventures, alex grey, all kinds of music, animal collective, aokigahara, aphex twin, arai akino, armchair traveling, asia, autumn, beer, beethoven, biking, birds, bisexuality, björk, books, brendon small, canaries, cats, celebrations, ceramics, cheeses, chemistry, chilling out, chocolate, cooking, curb your enthusiasm, danger, david lynch, dethklok, dir en grey, diy, dreams, drinking, elfen lied, enneagram, ephemera, epics, ethnic food, evergreens, fairmount park, farms, fashion, final fantasy, fish, flowers, forests, foxes, freud, fujifabric, gardening, geology, gilgamesh, guniw tools, guro, hermeticism, hiking, his dark materials, hokkaido, home movies, horror manga, insects, interstate highway system, japanese, jung, junji ito, koi, lady gaga, languages, les misérables, linguistics, liquor, long night drives, love, maria bamford, marine biology, maryland, medical anomalies, meditation, metalocalypse, mixolydian mode, mogwai, morbid curiosity, museums, mushi-shi, mysteries, mysticism, necrophagist, neko case, neutral milk hotel, nick cave, nirvana, obscure locations, ornithology, osaka, outdoor activities, oxytocin, philadelphia, philosophy, piaget, piano, plants, poetry, psychedelia, psychology, quaintness, rachmaninov, rain, reading terminal market, redheads, relaxing, romanticism, salyu, sapporo, secret societies, shells, shiina ringo, slayer, small things, snow, stones, swimming, tea, tekkonkinkreet, the album leaf, the brain, the discovery channel, the enneagram, the overtoun bridge, the paranormal, theatrics, theology, tori amos, trains, travel, true blood, unusual erotica, us culture, vashti bunyan, wandering, warmth, wine, world cultures, writing, yoshitaka amano, your best

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